Q: What is the typical wait time/turnaround?

A: Due to seasonal demand I have had to limit production beginning in 2017. Typical turnaround is at least 4-6 months. You can get other boats cheaper or faster made by copy-cats, tipping the scales in another class, or that aren't nearly as nimble or pragmatic. My boats are custom made by a lifelong waterfowl hunter who has hunted and shipped boats to every region of the lower 48 States. You get what you pay & wait for with a Hellbender...

Q: How does a Hellbender Boat track in the water?

A: Hellbender Boats are paddled most efficiently with a Kayak Paddle, and with little effort move up to 3+ miles per hour. There's no complaints about these Boats being squirrely.  With pointed ends there's no plowing through vegetation. Paddling, and tracking is superior without any sacrifice in stability.

Q: How do the 10', and 12' Boats compare?

A: The 10' Boat is the smallest, and lightest Boat.(45lbs) The 12' Boat is still lightweight, but has a larger cockpit opening. Tracking, and stability are very similar with the primary difference being the length, and weight.(65-70lbs) 

Q: Where are you located?

A: All Boats are manufactured in Ft. Myers, FL. They ship from here all over the United States, and Canada. The weather combined with a busy, and competitive Boat Building Industry in FL offers a great environment to produce these Boats at the lowest cost possible for what is arguably the best lightweight, all-around Duck Hunting Craft available.

Q: What about paint or camo?

A: Boats are very easy to hide. Right out of the molds they are ready to hunt. They can be painted and camo'd with a light sanding, 80-grit, and wipe down with acetone. By itself with nothing special, here is a missing boat underneath grass on a layout type hunt.