Most Waterfowl Hunters are familiar with the term "Bull"... Bull-Sprig or Bull-Can there's many ways Ducks and Duck Hunters can be bullish when it boils down to their habits and in some cases looks. The newest Boat to be offered from Hellbender Boats is a square-stern 12' x 42". Named for it's rugged, stable like a Steer quality and sneaky plus versatile Bull Shark stealth. 

This will be a prefect hybrid for those interested in rowing or employing the Boat without a motor. It can be used as a decoy/gear sled quite well since it's extremely durable, and easy to move. The size, and weight will allow two persons to easily load/unload the Boat into a Pickup without any need for a trailer. The other side of the coin is if you want to rig the Boat for use with a trailer and either an outboard, or mud motor you can expect performance and utility not found in other Boats similar in size, and weight. Pods at the stern with a flat bottom, and a pointed bow is a great fit for shallow running and slicing through vegetation. This model is burly and at the same time lightweight. The Bull should fill a niche currently empty in the small-medium Rig marketplace. 

Hellbender Bull - 1242

Hand-laid fiberglass, 100% composite construction.(No wood)

Length: 12' 

Width: 42"

Weight: 100lbs or less.

Cockpit: 90" x 36"

HP Rating: 9 horsepower

Capacity: 550lbs

Price: $1900